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Lowers monthly mortgage payments for 10 years*

After 10 years, monthly mortgage payments end*

Potential lump sum cash-out on day one


*The reverse mortgage borrower must meet all loan obligations, including living in the property as the principal residence and paying property charges, including property taxes, fees, hazard insurance. The borrower must maintain the home. If the borrower does not meet these loan obligations, then the loan will need to be repaid.

How does EquityAvail work?

EquityAvail is an innovative new retirement mortgage for people 55+ looking to refinance into a lower monthly mortgage payment but don’t qualify for a reverse mortgage.

EquityAvail combines the advantages of both traditional mortgages and reverse mortgages. Free up cash flow without downsizing or committing to a traditional 30-year refinance.


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Important information about this loan product:

Borrower is required to make non-amortizing payments for first ten years of loan term. These payments will not cover the full amount of interest accruing and non-paid interest will be added to principal balance of the loan. When the payment period ends, interest and fees continue to be added to the loan balance over time. Borrower is required to pay taxes and insurance. This loan will reduce the borrower’s equity in the home which may make it more difficult to refinance the loan or to obtain cash upon the sale of the home. By refinancing an existing loan, the borrower’s total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan. Primary occupancy only. Not available in all states. Additional terms and conditions apply. Ask a licensed loan officer for more details.